Oak Park Self Storage

Our new security system

notifies you by text if your

door opens day or night.

Hours to rent: On Call 9am to 8pm

Bookkeeper in  M,W,F and S:

1 pm to 4 pm

Access to rooms   6 Am  to   10 Pm

          For additional access see manager

This is a Friendly and Clean Place to Store your STUFF.

We want to thank all of our patrons for choosing

Oak Park Self Storage.

We truly appreciate it.

Paying on Line:

Use the email address we have for you

and the 4 digit alarm code for the password.

Note: to pay you must click on the blue

unit number after entering the pay site

also you must scroll down and submit

twice, one each page. Call for help.

Oak Park Self Storage is a private owner managed storage facility.  It has several policies in place to  help with the individual needs of the clients visiting. We hope to make your stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible within the circumstances you bring us.
Tele:)  360 834 0280
A Friendly Place To Store Your Stuff

Oak Park Self Storage
1909 SE 6 Ave
Camas, WA  98607
Phone: 360.834.0280
Email: opselfstorage@gmail.com

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